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Lead Into Gold

August 2015


April 2015, 12 songs

A Million Years

February 2015, 13 songs

Blue For You

January 2015, 12 songs

When That Day Comes

December 2014, 12 songs

A Quantum Event

October 2014, 12 songs

A Postcard Home

May 2014, 12 songs

Holy Mercy Me

January 2014, 12 songs


November 2013, twelve songs

Someday Soon

August 2013, 14 songs

How It Feels To Me

April 2013, 13 songs

Acoustic Songs

March 2012, 14 songs

Many of the above songs (using a slightly different approach plus the added vocal talent of Sarah Joyce), can also be heard here: Beyond Main Street.

Video corner

Ao Vivo "Aria" ‘DJavan’: love it all but the percussionist is from heaven!

Street Musician starts singing an old classic, then he’s joined by others from around the world! ‘Playing for Change’ had a brilliant idea where they record street musicians from around the world playing the same melody or song and creates videos of the resulting mix. Co-founder of the movement, Mark Johnson, said he started the project ‘because we wanted to find something that everybody in the world could believe in, that could inspire us to move past the things that might divide us’.

Visit my page of royalty-free music clips for media productions @pond5.

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